Competition Company

What is the Competition Company ?

The Competition Company is a select group to represent Just Dance Academy at National Dance Competitions.  It is an honor to be chosen for this team.  This is an opportunity to compete at National Level and perform at Community Events throughout the year. All students must have years of experience in Ballet, Tap and Jazz and a passion for dance.

The student must show a positive attitude at all times. Must take at least 5 classes per week.  The basis of these classes must be Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Turns and Leaps.  The student must have the full support of family, this does involve fundraising and travel.

Fundraisers are essential to the Competition Team and all students must participate.  This not only helps to support the team financially but builds a strong team spirit.

Our objective is to build confidence and improve technique in a dance performance setting while the emphasis is on teamwork.

The Competition Company classes are mandatory for all company members.  Any unexcussed absences will result in dismissal of Competition Company.