Hip Hop

Just Dance Academy of Tarpon Springs offers beginner Hip Hop to advanced and Competitive team Hip Hop classes.  Our Instructor Heather Walts is well known for her incredible Hip Hop Choreography and advanced training in all aspects of Freestyle, and key components of Hip Hop Dance.  Heathers passion for this form of dance brings such excitement to her students.  We offer the most up to date New Style, and the most advanced competitive Hip Hop dancing in the Tampa Bay area!!!

Hip Hop is influenced by other dance styles such as Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz and Lyrical.  As in most forms of dance, our technique is the foundation for all types of dance.  Hip Hop dancers benefit from a sound working knowledge of proper technique and consequently in Modern movements.

History of Hip Hop

Hip-Hop dancing evolved from breaking and the funk styles into different forms: moves such as the Fad dances, ”running man” and the “cabbage patch” hit the mainstream and became the new dance craze. The dance industry in particular responded with studio/commercial hip-hop, sometimes called new style and jazz funk.  These styles were developed by technically trained dancers who wanted to create a new style of Choreography for music video.  The choreography for this new type of dance was mainly developed from “Street Dancers”.  This form of dance opened the talent industry for inexperienced untrained dancers for Hip Hop music video and television commercials.  Because of this development, hip-hop dance is now practiced at both professional dance studios and outside spaces.

Hip Hop is one of the most popular and the top requested dance classes today!