Just Dance Academy teaches the fundamental tumbling course which is designed to train the dancer to transition effectively through multiple dance techniques using only the hands and feet in contact with the dance floor.  Tumbling is a choreographed routine that includes tumbling and acrobatic skills.  It enhances your basic dance principles with leaps, balances, pivots, flexibility, and artistic effect.  It is a specific discipline of gymnastics performed on the floor from one corner of the mat to the other.

Tumbling Is The Oldest Activity

Tumbling may very well be the world’s oldest physical activity, being known to ancient Greece, Rome, China, Egypt, and Persia. During medieval time, court jesters used wooden planks to perform acrobatic skills such as the barani – a front somersault with a half turn. One of the advantages of this sport is that a participant can go in it with no experience. The skills can be taught to anyone, preferably starting with the basics and working their way up.